The Human Body

This year (2011-12) I will be teaching a group of K-2nd
graders Human Anatomy in my local co-op. I'll be
posting links and printables that we will be using during
this year-long unit.  
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Week 7: The Blood
Week 9 and 10: The Nervous System
Week 10: Learning About Our Senses
Week 11:
Week 12:
Week 13:
More ideas on the first page...
Week 8: The Heart
We did many hands-on experiments and
demonstrations for this chapter of the book.
You can find all the information on my
Blog Post.
Blood Take-Home Sheet
We learned so many things about our
hearts! You can find all the activities
we did in the
Heart blog post.
The Heart Take-Home Sheet
The Nervous System Take-Home Sheet
We did several crafts and activities centered around the
nervous system. See
The Nervous System blog post for details.
This week we learned all about our senses
and did several activities for taste, touch,
smell, and balance. See the
Senses blog
post for details.